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Data was analyzed using multivariate analysis. Both the hypotheses, that the effect of music and relaxation on day 2 would be greatest, as pain is lessened, and that this impact would be more at rest rather than ambulation, were proven wrong. This showed that the effect was consistent on both post-operative days and throughout activity and rest, and was significantly more in the treatment group as compared to controls. The major shortcoming of the study was that it was based on data collected a few years earlier from a study the objectives of which did not exactly match those of this analysis. Therefore the notes that were reviewed may not have sufficient information in all cases.

The last study is one conducted by a physician from the department of cardiothoracic surgery at a university hospital inSweden. (Nilsson, 2009) It is a randomized controlled trial and is the most recent of the studies reviewed for this paper. It included 40 subjects undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting and/or aortic valve replacement surgery. They were randomly assigned to intervention group (listening to music during bed rest with a music pillow) or control (only bed rest). Level of relaxation was assessed on the first post-operative day by measurement of serum oxytocin level, heart rate, mean arterial blood pressure, saturation and partial pressure of oxygen as well as subjective experience. The two groups were similar in demographical characteristics and all were American Society of Anesthesiologist class III (severe systemic disease). However the type of surgery and duration was significantly different in the music group (more CABG and longer duration).

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