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The results demonstrated that music was indeed beneficial during post-operative care as it affected multiple aspects of recovery such as pain, anxiety, confusion and overall satisfaction. The flaws of the study included limiting the study sample to patients over 65 and those undergoing specific types of elective surgeries.

In so doing, it fails to assess the impact of music in children and young adults who are not as prone to confusion, for example, and therefore music might not be as beneficial as it was to older people. Likewise, emergency surgeries, which carry more risk of post-operative pain and anxiety were excluded, in which the positive impact of music may be found to be higher. The issue of observer bias also comes in as the nursing and physical therapy staff would be aware of the assignment status of the patient because of the absence or presence of the CD player and their observations thus might be affected. These factors limit the generalisibility of the McCaffrey study to an extent.

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