Sample Term Paper

The reasons behind low morale and poor instructional performance at a school can be many. This can be palpable through the attitudes of the students and teachers, their topics of discussion during free time and of course, the average grades achieved by the pupils. Whatever the reason, certain steps can be taken to improve the situation.

My action program would focus firstly on the teachers and instructors. To enable them to interact with each other in a stress free environment, monthly lunches can be arranged where they can talk about their issues with their colleagues which they might not get to do during school timings. This way, in a relaxed atmosphere, and over good food, they can learn to work together with those facing the same issues, whether financial/religious/political or others, and have something to look forward to every month.

The second component would focus on the children. They might be unhappy about long school hours, short breaks or loads of homework. Each week, a day can be set apart for every class, where they bring items from home and prepare a dish(s) for break time that they all can have together with the teacher.

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