Sample Term Paper

For my future research, I would like to focus on the group known as the Abu Sayyaf. Based in and around Philippines, members of this organization have been fighting for an independent Islamic state from the largely Catholic Philippines.

They use various tactics, especially kidnapping and extortion, it receives its funding and weapons from other extremist Islamist organizations in Middle andSouth East Asia. As such, its ideology is similar to other groups in the region working to over-through non-Islamic or secular governments to establish a belt of Islamist states. It has also carried out targeted attacks againstU.S.citizens, kidnapping and demanding the release of prominent 9/11 suspects like Ramzi Yousef in return. It also has links o the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or the Moro National Liberation Front, organizations that have vowed acts against the government ofPhilippinesfor atrocities that it committed against people after gaining independence fromAmerica. Abu Sayyaf has also been linked to Al-Qaeda.

The CIA’s paramilitary wing, the Special Activities Division sends US military advisers to thePhilippinesto train local soldiers on how to resist and combat Abu Sayyaf. This is a covert operation but its existence point to the fact that spread of radical organizations in this region would be a direct threat to the United States.

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