Sample Term Paper

In adults, multiple risk factors have been identified through various studies that include demographic, personality and mental health variables. In a study done in 2009 on over 500 troops about to be deployed to fight, the same variables and their association with alcohol misuse was looked at.

Negative emotionality and lack of constraint were identified as the most important predictors of drinking behavior. Young age predicted an increase in the quantity consumed, while being unmarried predicted greater quantity and frequency of binge episodes. (Ferrier-Auerbach, 2009). Racial and socioeconomic factors also play a role. Another CDC study found that households that earn less than 25,000$, Hispanics and non-Hispanic Blacks were more at risk for binge drinking in higher quantities. (MMWR) However, students who binge-drink are disproportionably white men. Other factors which play a role are easy availability of alcohol through willing parents, living in a single parent household and having parents who are unemployed. (Lundborg, 2002) This study conducted at the Department of Economics at Lund University in Sweden concluded that these factors were significantly associated towards a future drinking behavior.

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