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Many studies have been conducted to ascertain the risk factors associated with alcohol abuse. One study, conducted at the National Center for Chronic Disease and Prevention by the Alcohol Team in 2007 collected data from a 2003 survey on youth risk behavior. It found that about 45% of high school student interviewed reported consuming alcohol during the past 1 month and 28.8% amongst them binge drank. (Miller, 2007) There was no major difference between binge drinking rates between boys and girls. Those who indulged in binge drinking were more likely to engage in other risky behaviors as well such as ‘riding with a driver who had been drinking, being currently sexually active, smoking cigarettes or cigars, being a victim of dating violence, attempting suicide, and using illicit drugs’. This association between generally risky behavior and alcohol consumption, calculated through logistic regression, was found to be quite significant.

Another study focusing on childhood experiences was conducted at a CDC center inAtlanta. This retrospective cohort conducted on over 8000 adults looked at the relationship between multiple adverse childhood experiences (such as abuse, neglect and a dysfunctional household) and the likelihood of future drinking and age of first exposure to alcohol. (Dube, 2006) It found that of the 90% of the adults who ever drank, all adverse experiences, except physical neglect, increased the risk of ever using alcohol, and those having gone through such experiences were twice to thrice more likely to have started drinking before age 14. Thus an unpleasant childhood, weak parent-child bonding and support and negative home environment contribute a great deal towards children and adolescents being attracted towards such activities.

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