Sample Term Paper

As the Sweden study pointed out, those parents who are willing to supply alcohol to their children and do not have strict age-defined rules only lessen the financial and psychological burden associated with obtaining and consuming alcohol. An unemployed parent(s) or single parent may feel the financial and psychosocial difficulty relating to his status and the upkeep of his family and may indulge in alcohol to do away with the worries. Such behavior not only results in neglect of the child and a tense environment at home, but also teaches the child to find temporary relief through such means rather than struggle for a better life.

Analysis of the studies enables us to draw out the proximate and underlying determinants of this complex health issue. Proximate determinants would include the environmental setting, the person’s emotional and cognitive state during the drinking episode and the perceptions about dinking. Underlying determinants would include household income, single/divorced parent, cultural and ethnic background, gender, or any neuropsychological deficit.

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