Sample Term Paper

The main article written by Mulvihill, Rivers and Aggleton is used to detail a 5 month research study which was conducted in depth in six sites across England using a qualitative and exploratory approach which encompassed the view of 100 school aged children in the 11-15 year age range. It also included the viewpoints of the parents of children enrolled in secondary schools in order to assess the limitations and compulsions towards physical education (Mulvihill, Rivers and Aggleton).

The two other articles used to do a critical analysis of this are also from the same journal and the first by authors Green and Thurston, speaks of the viewpoint of teachers towards physical education and its promotion. It speaks about the promotion of health in schools and how the philosophies of teachers are being affected the policies which have been put in place by the government today. It also introduces Health related exercise as an effective tool for school going children to gain an optimum level of physical activity during school hours. It conducts a semi structured qualitative survey with 35 physical education teachers from 17 secondary schools and eventually uses 25 teachers both male and female gender in order to make its sample for study (Green and Thurston).

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