Sample Term Paper

When love enters the picture through the hands of as brilliant a writer as Shakespeare, it settles upon the whole theme in a pleasant yet benign fashion. Much goes in the way of how dramatically it is portrayed, and given how the balcony scene is probably the most famous romantic scene of all time, that factor did not go amiss. Touching upon the audience’s hearts is one step; the second is an unexpected blow to the same emotion. Love is looked upon as a gratifying feeling, and any effort in the way of barring its fulfillment brings an element of sadness into the picture.

The first obvious hurdle was the difference between the families. The Montagues and the Capulets had a long standing feud and as a result would never have allowed Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other. However, getting married in such trying circumstances instigates a sense of compassion for the two within the audience and gives rise to a certain level of attachment to them. As is apparent, any twists in the screenplay that affect this attachment will cause the audience to undergo a disconcerting feeling.

The problems start soon afterwards. Romeo is confronted by Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, as regards to his appearance at the Capulet ball (where Romeo met Juliet) and challenged to a duel. When Romeo refuses, Mercutio, his close friend, accepts on his behalf but gets fatally wounded in the process. The grief stricken Romeo then slays Tybalt as an act of emotional retaliation. As a result Romeo is distanced from Juliet and sent into exile. Juliet is then ordered to marry Count Paris by her father with increasing pressure from both her father and her mother to do it quickly. Juliet then, seeking ways to delay the marriage, goes to Friar Laurence who prescribes her a drug that would put her into comatose, while at the same time, sending for Romeo so that he could come back and rightfully claim her hand. Romeo never receives the messenger, but since the news of Juliet’s comatose state is interpreted as death, gets to hear of it from his servant. This strikes him hard and induces a state of depression into him leading him to purchase some poison and make his way back to where Juliet is kept. On the way he is confronted by Count Paris. Since both of them are judgment impaired, neither sees the depression in each other even though it is for the same reason and in the battle that follows, Romeo kills Paris. Romeo then drinks the poison in Juliet’s name and dies. Juliet discovers him and in utter grief, stabs herself to death.

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