Sample Term Paper

The world is globalizing as it is going through many changes physically and climatically it changing its form randomly into a single society, we the people of this world have to learn to live together as one whole, through pain , and suffering of the human beings teaches us to live together as one society the essential structure of the society is the law which allows the society to survive and prosper, the progress of the society depends basically on the rule of law, it is the essential instrument in the social progress of the society and this means international rule of law is also essential at the global level.

The constitutional theory explores the problems of the rule of law at the national and global level .Constitutional theory has also a philosophical point if the foundation of the constitution is strong it is deemed functional, although constitutional theory may be used as a means to understand the political and legal foundations of the nation the constitution has to be strong that is its strictly implemented by the rule of law. This does not mean that the constitutions are just rules merely used for references they are serve as guidance in the implementation of law and order in the society, based on Baker’s explanation, it is clear that constitutional theory can be discussed with many theories though constitution has existed for decades it always revolves round the translation of democracy its principles and practice and this eventually affects in general the society.

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