Sample Term Paper

The research targeted university students as its main sample. Since the researcher was limited in resources, this method of convenient sampling technique was used to gather data from the student population which is about 6,000. However, only 40 students between the ages of 18-25 years were selected randomly to actively participate in the research. The sample also included 10 teachers between the ages of 20- 45 years. Five specialists in the event management sector were also conveniently selected to take part in the survey and give their expert views. The sampling method tried to incorporate people from different ages and employ different methods to collect data from them as will be discussed later (Johnson, & Onwuegbuzie 2004 p 23).

This research relied on both primary and secondary data. The available literature on Red Bull marketing strategy was used to lay the foundation for the primary research which was based on qualitative data. The other part of the primary research utilized quantitative data which was collected using a variety of methods includes survey questionnaires, interviews and observation. According to White (2008, P24) a researcher gets different viewpoints of the research subjects by combining the different methods of research. The researcher used volunteers to assist in distributing the questionnaires but carried out the interviews himself. The whole process of data collection took three weeks to be completed. The interviews and observation sheets took most of the time for data collection (Coxon, 2005 p 51).

The answers to the interview questions and the questionnaire were aggregated to protect the identity of individual participants and preserve the anonymity of the individuals.  The researcher closely followed a code of ethics, which was respectful of each individual that agreed to participate in the survey / questionnaire and interviews, to ensure all personal information remained confidential and that each participant was treated equally.

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