Sample Term Paper

On this day, the break can be extended by a little, 15-30 minutes, to allow the students ample time to enjoy their cooking and indulge in a few activities later if they wish. This event will nurture in them the creativity that might be suppressed otherwise, allow them extra time to be with their class fellows, and also learn some handy skills.

A certain level of competitiveness does no harm, and in such a situation might actually prove very beneficial. Different sections of the same class can compete with each other for the highest average grades, as the curriculum is the same. This will not only prove to be a stimulus for the students to work harder and pay interest to their studies, but also to the teachers to get across the subject matter well. Another sort of competition can be between the teachers, with the students evaluating them on different aspects such as attitude, approachability, knowledge and helpfulness. A prize can be allocated every term for the best teacher in every grade. This will provide an impetus to the teachers to put in their best for the student.

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