Sample Term Paper

In order for a host to participate within a particular WLAN, it must be configured with the proper Service Set ID (SSID). “The SSID is a construct that allows logical separation of wireless LANs. In general, a client must be configured with the appropriate SSID to gain access to the wireless LAN. The SSID does not provide any data-privacy functions”; it does not truly authenticate the client to the access point either.

In order to be authenticated, a client broadcasts a ‘probe request frame’ on every channel. (A channel is a certain frequency within a given frequency band). All APs within the range respond to this with a ‘probe response frame’. The client decides the best AP for access and sends an authentication request to it. The access point sends an authentication response. If authentication is successful, the client sends an association request frame to the AP which then replies with an association response. After this response is received by the client, it can participate in the traffic through the AP.

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