Sample Term Paper

Since assertiveness and aggressiveness were often desired traits in Indian leaders, tribalism grew unchecked, although tribalism was a way of life for most Native Americans. However, with the increase in U.S. influence and control of lands, the Sioux were divided over whether to join them or oppose them. A marked rift thus began to grow among those Sioux who had aligned themselves with the U.S.and rest.

The Lower Brule group of the Sioux chose to ally themselves with the U.S.; they were accordingly given recognition by Washington and reservations to live on. ‘Pratt said he would throw open his arms to anyone who wanted to sign any of the two papers, but only twenty-two were willing. The Commissioners went on to the Crow Creek and lower Brule agencies and secured some signatures’ (page 228). They were given important jobs and other facilities which were unheard of among the other Sioux groups, widening the schism between the two. They were hailed as ‘modern’ and ‘civilized’ by the politicians in Washington, who hoped that such assimilation would reduce hostility towards their colonial ambitions and spread American values and ways among the Native Americans.

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