Sample Term Paper

–      Software Evolution and Reuse are a crucial leverage to improve software engineering through reduction in software development costs, to enhance the quality of the software as well for shorter time-to-market (Hallsteinsen & Paci, 1997).

–      From technical point of view, software evolution and software re-use are two different solutions to same problem. Software evolution refers to the reuse of the whole application through parameterisation, reconfiguration and through continued development. Software reuse on the other hand refers to reuse of software components in new context (Fujita, & Pisanelli, 2007).

–      The Need for Software Evolution and Software Reuse (Kumar, 2007)

–      Components Base Vs Knowledge Base Software Reuse (Lu, & Jin, 2000)

–      Centralized Vs Decentralized Software Evolution (Oreizy, 1998)

–      Reusable Software Development Models

o   Iterative

o   Agile (Larman, 2004)

–      Software Maintenance

o   Types of Software Maintenance

§  Corrective Maintenance

§  Adaptive   Maintenance

§  Perfective Maintenance

§  Preventive Maintenance (Grubb & Takang, 2003)

–      Lehman Laws of Software Evolution (Stevens, 2010) (Li, 2008)

–      Types of Software Reuse

o   Opportunistic

§  Internal

§  External

o   Planned (Burge, Carroll, McCall & Mistrik, 2008)

–      Software Evolution and Re-use Techniques



o   RBO


o   EUROWARE (Hallsteinsen, & Paci, 1997)

–      Managing Software Evolution and Re-Use in Object Oriented Design

o   Re-Use Contracts (Mens, 2001)

–      The impact of software evolution and reuse on software quality (Khoshgoftaar, 1996)

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