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Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that major software-intensive acquisition programs fail is due to poor estimation of their size. The failure to precisely predict the size results in overruns of budgets along with late deliveries that undermine the confidence and melts away the supports for the program. Furthermore, it is important to keep constant attention and discipline to keep software acquisition and development processes on time and it would be very difficult to keep processes on track if they cannot be measured. Different software measures are used with various elements of the software process or product for this purpose Software Metrics are then calculated from them.

These matrices are indicators which are used to compare different software products, processes and project as well as to find out their outcomes (STSC US Airforce).

Metrics are also very helpful in determining the how the resource are consumed on a particular process or product (Wiegers). However, despite their potential, practitioners find it difficult to apply metrics in real life. Hence as an alternative, a new approach called Software Project Telemetry has been developed (Johnson, Kou and Paulding). This purpose of this article is to discuss Software Project Telemetry and its use in the project management from different perspectives.

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