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As a possible solution, we will also need to address the growing issue of food security.  According to various national studies conducted by the US Department of Agriculture and by the Census Bureau, approx. 30m. people every year are affected by hunger and food insecurity.

It is a shocking number, considering the amount of food that braces our supermarket shelves every day and the amount of food that we waste every single year! 

Furthermore, with the economy still reeling from the effects of the recent recession, food prices having been steadily rising over the last few years and are expected to continue doing the same for the foreseeable future. This affects poorer families and communities in particular, limiting their access to healthy nutritious food products.  Forced to stretch their budgets, these vulnerable households mostly try to get the biggest bang for their buck by opting for cheaper food options available to them.  In effect, they resort to consuming a higher quantity of these low-cost products, already abnormally high in calories, especially fats, to meet their energy requirements and stave off the prospects of frequent hunger and/or food non-availability.  Once again, there is a strong demographic shade to the problem of food security.  Poor families, therefore, should be provided with nutritional guidance and economic support in the form of food stamps, etcetera, to enable them to have a more broad-based access to healthier food options.  (Doane, 2010)

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