Sample Term Paper

The globalization aspect of the company’s products has also been supported by the fact that the company emphasizes on the need to maintain and improve the quality of its products (Vaidya, 2006: 564). The company has been following GMP and WHO standards that govern every level of production. This is made possible by the use of control facilities which include computerized equipments and tools and competent research personnel. This has acted as very important factors when it comes to establishing new markets in both developing and developed countries and maintaining them. Once the exported goods are found to be of high quality, then the demand rises. These factors also help in the attainment of ethical and moral objective (Behel, 2008).

Recent news from the company also indicates that the company’s exports have increased tremendously. This according to the management has been made possible by the fact that the company has invested heavily on aggressive campaigns to market its products internationally. The company is therefore working towards the expansion of its export sales through the campaigns. It is important to note that these campaigns have been a success since statistics indicate that the exported amounted to Tk. 85, 809 million in 2006 as compared to Tk. 59,954 the previous year, this was a 43% increase. The exports were expected to increase in the coming years which it did (Berkowitz, 2006: 333). According to Books LLC (2010: 23) the increase in sales in shows that the needs of the customers are met effectively hence they tend to demand for more.

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