Sample Term Paper

Square pharmaceutical is one of the biggest pharmaceutical in Bangladesh. The Pharmaceutical industry in this country contributes a great deal to the growth of the economy. Square and other pharmaceuticals have continued to develop especially after the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance. It manufactures markets and exports pharmaceuticals together with its subsidiaries. Other products produced by this company include basic chemicals, pesticides and agrovet (Innovaro Europe Ltd., 2010: 1). The company headquarters are located within the country.

It offers a wide range of products which are used locally while some of it is exported. It is the leading pharmaceutical company in this country since 1985, currently; the company can be regarded as a global player. The mission of the company is to continue providing quality and pioneering healthcare for people and to ensure that they maintain standards while conducting business. The aspect of ensuring that the stakeholders benefit a great deal is also observed (Kochanek, 1999: 56).

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