Sample Term Paper

Given our development as human beings and how we learn about our culture and societal norms it may be argued that such stereotype are ingrained in us as children. Thus, when we consider children and their need to fit into the social mold of society, it can be surmised how stereotypes can take hold within a child and how they are used by the child to be more confident of his surroundings.

The interspersed belief regarding their place in society and their place in group inter-dynamics primarily comes from new media, television and internet. These mediums reflect social norms within society and help to establish the social conventions which lead to the formation of stereotypes. Changing viewpoints and perceptions over time can thus change these stereotypes altogether as well. However, according to Harris in the nature versus nurture argument towards the development of stereotypes, studies have shown remarkably little effect or change in stereotypical behavior based on parental influences (Nelson, 2009).

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