Sample Term Paper

The ERP software vendor are in constant need of financial and human resource functionality through which they can not only support their current version of the software but can also research and develop new capabilities and technologies so that they may be incorporated in the next generation of their software. Without much financial and human resource backing, a vendor is bound to struggle not only with the implementation of its ERP software but would also delay the release of patches and upgrades.

Vendor Growth

When an ERP vendor increases its client base, it also increases the amount of maintenance revenues they earn each year. This, in turn, develops resources for support as well as for new products. ERP vendors, which have no or few customers, pose a risk in terms of long-term viability. Along with the commitment of the vendor to the product, the continued success of the product in the market act as an insurance for the mid-sized business organizations who want to invest in ERP.

Partner Strength

Though a number of ERP solutions are robust with numerous features, no ERP vendor can claim that its software does everything. It is important to take a closer look at their partners echo systems, which ranges from resellers, system implementers to independent solution vendors and business consultants. The strong this ecosystem is the stronger the independent commitment of the ERP vendor is, as the partners have to make individual judgements about the possibility and value of a particular software package (Hensarling, 2009).

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