Sample Term Paper

  1. Strong operational capabilities:

The company is operating in 9 countries around the world with almost 93 million customers. Throughout the years the company has witnessed a 10% growth in its clientele. STC enhanced its roaming capabilities by signing a new agreement which included more than 195 roaming services. Similarly the company operates the biggest land, marine and satellite network in the region where it operates and it is considered as the most advance when it comes to global network. For the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia the company launched the “Fiber to home” service which enables its user to enjoy an internet sped of 100 Mbps (Datamonitor, 2009).

  1. Diverse portfolio:

The company has a diverse portfolio which ranges from mobile services, local and international telephone services, telegraph, data service and internet services. The company’s Al Jawal business unit is solely responsible in providing mobile services of GSM standards. Similarly the Al Hatif unit provides public telephone and pre paid card services. All this add up to the company’s profile and makes its strength (Datamonitor, 2009).

  1. Well known brand:

The company has received various awards for its performance that includes:

  • King Abdul Aziz Quality Award for the year 2008
  • Best wholesale carrier award in Middle East for the year 2008
  • The Best Telecommunications Company award by Arabian Business Magazine in 2008

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