Sample Term Paper

Thesis statement:

This term paper is based on more of a personal reflection about stress, what is a stressful event; how an individual reacts in a stressful event etc this would be done through providing real time examples. The second part of the paper deals with how to tackle stress, here different methods of managing stress is identified. Thus, this paper will aim at justifying the thesis statement set out here that individuals can manage stress effectively by indulging themselves into some kind of healthy activity.

Definition of stress:

The term stress has derived from the Latin word “Stringi” which means “to be drawn tight”. It can also be defined as a state when a person assumes that the demand surpasses the personal and social resources that person has on its disposal (Spencer, 2009).

Stress affects every one of us; the right amount of stress helps an individual to get of their comfort zone and move forwards, while too much stress can cause discontentment and annoyance. In short we can say it’s an ambiguous term which is generally used to indicate a feeling of system overload

Stressful event:

The exact explanation of a stressful event is very wide-ranging. As written before without stress life would be apathetic and dull.

Most of us experience stress on time or another but the events that causes stress are unique and personal.  A situation may be stressful for one person but at the same time it can be challenging for the other person. For instance arranging a high level convention can be a stressful event for one person but challenging for another person. Meeting deadlines can be a stressful event but another individual might view that as an opportunity to prove his worth. So it could be concluded that there is no specific definition of a stressful event it depends from person to person.

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