Sample Term Paper

In the light of the structural theory, a branch of psychoanalysis, my friend was a very shy person. She used to react very awkwardly if some chat or discussion would have lead towards sexuality or love life. She used to defend all the questions if she was asked anything about this. She was hesitant in expressing her deep desires due to the cultural and ethical restrictions of our society.

It came to such an extent that she never answered any questions that were considered to be personal. She behaved as egoistic and refrained from letting other people know about her sexual side. Although there was nothing that I could analyze, that made her felt guilty and ashamed, I can say that she felt ashamed if someone even would have praised her body. Since she was quite a kind of person who kept her body concealed at all times, she didn’t liked it if someone particularly talked about her curves and felt quite guilty on that part, if she was reluctant in hiding her body.

In the light of evolutionary psychology, she had a good memory. She used to remember things very frequently. She was a quick learner. She perceived things in a positive manner. She used to grasp lessons from everything that happened around her making her eligible to perceive the correct way of handling the situations. [Friend’s name] had a mind which erupted untouched ideas since she aligned her thoughts with the correct paths to follow, before doing it in the practical way.

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