Sample Term Paper

A third study was conducted by two physicians at the department of anesthesia at a hospital inIranin 2008. (Ebneshahidi) Use of opiod and benzodiazepines during cesarean section not only produces a state of nausea but results in prolonged separation of mother and baby after delivery as the mother is sedated.

This was a randomized controlled trial that focused on women undergoing elective cesarean section under general anesthesia.  It included pregnant women aged within the range of 18-36 years. None had any hearing impairment, chronic pain, or any psychiatric or other comorbid, and all were able to communicate in the local language. Women who were positively disposed towards music were contacted before admission and asked to bring along their favorite music with them to the hospital. They were also informed that they might or might not get to hear the music post-operatively (depending on what group they were placed in). they were asked to mark their pain and anxiety levels upon admission.

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