Sample Term Paper

The first study is one conducted at the Florida Atlantic University in 2006 (McCaffrey) It was a randomized controlled trial and its subjects included 124 individuals aged 65 and above, who were undergoing an elective hip or knee surgery and were fully orients and alert. They were also checked for any hearing impairment that might hinder the effects of music.

Post surgery, patients were assigned to control and experimental groups randomly. The control group received standard post-operative care while the experimental group received standard care as well as music therapy in the form of a bedside CD player that automatically played four times a day for an hour each time. In addition, the player could be turned on anytime the patient desired. There were a lot of options in the music selection with regards to genre and artist and patient were able to choose according to their preference. The first recording was played as soon as the patient woke up after anesthesia. Researchers visited all the participants daily and checked to see if the CD players worked exactly as the patients desired. After discharge all records of patient’s medication, ambulatory notes and nurses’ notes (including pain score) were collected and reviewed by the principal investigator who also contacted the patients 10 days post discharge to inquire about their hospital stay. The stay was rated on a scale of 1 to 10—1 being the worst experience and 10 being the best.

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