Sample Term Paper

Based on the Homers Iliad, it is evident that Achilles is made a hero due to his success in the battle of Troy.  His degree bravery is evident on the his battle with the Trojans where he emerges to be the hero. In the Greek society, war is adored that making Paris to be scored by his family members and loved ones for refusing to fight. On the other hand, Achilles is considered a warrior destined to eternal glory after by opting to do away withy the boring life at home and deciding to join the Greek troops.

Iliad also justified war and reveals that Achilles is a warrior destined to big places since war with neighbors is considered a way of life among the Greeks. Fighting reveals one great honor and integrity making Achilles to appear a hero worthy admiration among all the residents of Greek andTroy. Engaging in battles reveals ones heroism and a prove that one is not lazy or may have some misplaced priorities.

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