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If lung tissue appears in H&E stain bearing abnormal features then there is a possibility that one is suffering from asbestosis. Respiratory bronchioles, aggregations of minerals particles around terminal and Emphysema and some dilatation of respiratory airways are the significant characteristics of lung cancer. These features and the clinical presentation of the history of the patient provide some important information in the diagnosis of this case. However, Asbestosis is obviously clear in histological description; the clinical history of patient is very important in doing diagnosis of any illness.

 Weight loss, cigarette smoking and engaging in mining are the most important factors, which aid in diagnosis and evaluation of this case. This information is known when questioning the patient about his past. These factors increase the possibilities that the patient is suffering from lung cancer. Smoking causes the depositing of carbon particles on the walls of a smoker’s lungs and these particles can be seen clearly in an x-ray. According to histological presentation, a fiber coated with an iron-containing proteinaceous material is related to patient work as a miner.

Exposure to asbestos for a long time leads to scarring of the lung, which causes a condition known as Asbestosis. There are other causes of lung scarring but they have to be ignored when one is found to be suffering from this condition, which is also referred to as pulmonary fibrosis. It is of paramount importance to note that smoking leads to inefficiency in elimination of fibers, which might have been, inhaled thus causing a higher progression rate of Asbestosis.

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