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There have also been the debates related to tracing the cause of autism to several synaptic malfunctions. If some synaptic pathways are disrupted the result might be autistic disorder. The agents that cause defects during pregnancy, teratogens, start acting in the early period of pregnancy therefore it provides evidence for the fact that autism is likely to arise during early development. Many researchers, therefore, suggest diagnosing autism at an early period (Carofano. paraphrased).

Emotional turmoil or some kind of accident can also trigger autism. In this theory poor parenting is included. Although the theory is rejected through studies but it attained wide acceptance among people. For some researchers there is a link found between medical condition of children and autism. These include metabolic disorders, infections from birth such as rubella, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, and genetic disorders such as fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis (Meadows and Mandel.paraphrased). The theory lacks evidence. In the study of autism the symptoms, including social isolation, problems in communication and interaction, etc., have been described in details but researchers still feel a need to expand research about the causes of autism. Thomas Kuhn, a philosopher, states that ‘scientific revolutions occur when an old paradigm is replaced by a new one’ therefore some scientists state conclusively, and firmly, that the drastic rise of autistic children does not fit in the genetic model (Spzir.paraphrase). Some scientists have also looked for the biological basis for autism as the findings of some case studies suggested that the brains of autistic children function differently from normal children.

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