Sample Term Paper

If prior to the completion of the project requirement, resources, such as equipment and supplies, money or human resources are removed from the project, the project is said to have terminated by starvation. Starvation could happen because of customer restraining the order, budget being reduced or a key resource quits (Heldman, Baca & Jansen, 2005) (cited in Richman, 2006).

Termination by Integration

Termination by integration occurs when the project resources such as equipment and supplies, money or human resources are removed from the project and moved to other areas of the business or to other projects which have become more significant(Heldman, Baca & Jansen, 2005) (cited in Richman, 2006).

The main difference between project termination due to starvation and integration is that in the former the resources are reassigned or redeployed whereas in the latter funds or resources are cut (Heldman, Baca & Jansen, 2005).

Termination by Extinction 

Projects that come to an end either because they have been completed, project goals and stakeholder requirements have been met (Heldman, Baca & Jansen, 2005) or have been unsuccessful and failed to meet user requirements (cited in Richman, 2006) are said to have been terminated by extinction.

Fifth reason for a project termination could be high level business considerations such as change in overall business strategy. Company could merge with another company or be taken over and it may be realized that the project is not required or there is a change of priority to more urgent project or non project work. It may be recognized that work on too many projects are being conducted simultaneously and some projects maybe stopped (Kendrick, 2004).

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