Sample Term Paper

This line forms the basis of the abortion issue in Islam; ethically Islamic Law though divided by sects and groups primarily believes that abortions should not be permitted except for a valid reason and only within 120 days of conception. The 120 day limit is based on the belief that before this period the fetus is merely a lump of flesh and it is only after that time that an angel infuses a spirit into the fetus (Asman, 2004).

While theoretically this concept should be simple to follow in practice however it causes great controversies. The primary source of law in Islam is the Quran and the Hadith, however though they form the basis of the religion they do not answer every question and religious interpretation is required on the part of Muftis or Islamic scholars in order to discern what may be religiously acceptable. They then release Fatwas or explanations of legal or authoritative issues which are then considered to be adjunct to Islamic law (Asman, 2004).

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