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On the other hand, The ADSL service provider has DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) at its end which is used to receive the connections from the users of the service. A DSLAM combines together connection from multiple users into a single high-capacity connection to the Internet. DSLAMS are generally flexible and support both DMT and CAP variants of ADSL connectivity.

In addition, DSLAM also provide for functionalities such as routing and IP assignment to users. The DSLAM is the central equipment in making DSL advantageous over the cable connectivity. In a cable internet connection, all users in the same neighborhood share the same line, hence, adding more users to the line results in the degradation of the performance. DSLAM, on the other hand, enable the DSL to provide a separate line to each of the user, hence the ADSL users would not experience any degradation until the high-speed connection of the service provider connecting to the Internet is saturated (Vermillion).

Other Types of DSL

Apart from the popular ADSL connectivity, there are several other variants of DSL technology as well. The Very High Bit-rate DSL (VDSL) is very high speed DSL connection supporting speeds up to 52Mbps in the downstream and 12Mbps in the upstream ,however, has a sever distance limitation on its used. The Symmetric DSL (SDSL) provides equal bandwidth for upload and downloads and is mostly used in offices. This variant of DSL also does not allow for simultaneous use of telephone line. Rate-Adaptive DSL (RADSL) is a variant of DSL which allows the user modem to adjust the speed of the connection depending on the distance and quality of the line (Franklin).

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