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The bombing of Hiroshima was carried out on 6th August 1945 by US Air Force. The event resulted in not only death of hundreds of thousands of civilians but also affected millions for decades to come. While it is vehemently argued that this effectively brought Japan to its knees at the end of Second World War, it is also considered a major atrocity that went unpunished on the behalf of United States. One of the strong supporters of the dropping of Atomic bomb on Hiroshima is Paul Fussell. In his paper “Thank God for Atom the Bomb”, Paul has put forward several arguments against those who oppose his stance while providing justifications from the literature to support his argument. However, many of his arguments have narrowed focus and can be countered by presenting arguments which consider the situation at that time in a wider perspective.

For example, in the beginning of his paper Paul argues against the Arthur Hadley’s Argument that the dropping of Atomic bomb was worse than letting hundred of thousands of military men die in hand to hand combat. Paul argues that Japanese, both military and civilian, had a very extremist vision and were ready for vicious bloodshed under any circumstances which could have led to a even worse situation.  In his own words

“The Japanese pre-invasion patriotic song, “One Hundred Million Souls for the Emperor” says Sledge “meant just that”. Universal national kamikaze was the point” (Fusell).

He also mentions the desperation of Japanese for bloodshed at that time by quoting a Japanese pilot as saying

“I see the war situation becoming more desperate. All Japanese must become soldiers and die for the Emperor” (Fussell).

Though his argument look very convincing, it does not tell the reader why Japanese were so willing to die for their Emperor. The reason for this was the Japanese tradition in which the position of the Emperor was considered heavenly. In the words of Doug Long

“…the Japanese believed their Emperor to be a god, the heart of the Japanese people and culture” (Long).

Hence they could not let the core of their beliefs take a fall so easily. Also in the Postdam Proclamation, since the future of the Emperor was not made clear and controversial statements such as

“There must be eliminated for all time the authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of Japan into embarking on world conquest” (Long)


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