Sample Term Paper

ClubIT’s yearly income is around $28000. In order to implement the required information systems, a budget of $10000 to $15000 is available. For optimum use of the budget, it recommended that business critical systems of ClubIT be automated first. These systems include order taking as well as inventory management.¬† An information system can be purchased, leased or built in-house.

In order to make a decision, ClubIT management must carry out a cost-benefit analysis on these options and also invite information system vendors in order to conduct a trial of their information  system in ClubIT so that it may be evaluated properly. Also, a significant amount of budget should also be spent on rapid training of employees to enable them to make efficient use of the information system as soon as possible. For this purpose, training contracts can be agree with information system vendor on any third party trainer to train one group of senior employees, which would then train respective departments (Mathis & Jackson, 2007). The hardware that is brought for the information systems will meet the minimum requirement of the information systems, however, will have ample room for upgrade should the need arises. Furthermore, the implementation of other information systems can be delayed until the information systems handling the business critical process are implemented, debugged and maintained for some time.

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