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The study behind the article was carried out in the pretext that the volume of research available on the specific rights in the workplace remains inadequate in light of the actual difficulties that the members of the gay community face. The authors hold that the number and nature of court cases coming forth that pertain to the demand for gay rights is increasing in its number. Through the presentation of a historical perspective, the authors initiate the article by putting forth the complexity that such cases incorporate in which the rights of a still-unrecognized culture have to be assured.

The article contributes to the study on the implications of the discrimination of cultural differences in the workplace by shedding light on the position in which gay and lesbian employees find themselves when they are harassed in their workplaces. The authors proceed to highlight the actual degree of effectiveness and security that Statutes dealing with sexual orientation provide to gay members. As the article progresses, it is evident that the authors intend to reflect on the inadequacy of the reliance of heterosexuality based laws for the provision of security to homosexual individuals. As a solution to the problem, the authors rest on the development that made use of anti-discrimination laws to give protection to homosexual individuals in the work place and by doing so, the authors recommend a furthering of the progress made with regard to the usage of anti-discrimination laws for the protection of homosexual rights; thereby decreasing the need to establish a legislative protection structure for homosexuals from scratch.

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