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The DMT System works by virtually dividing the ordinary telephone lines into 247 different lines, each with a 4 KHz bandwidth. Each of this lines or channels is then used for transmission of a signal separately. All channels are monitored and if the quality becomes too impaired than the signal from that channel is shifted to another channel.

The DMT system constantly shifts signals between different channels, looking for the channels with best conditions to use for transmission as well as reception of data. Furthermore, a small number of 8 KHz signals are also created which are used for both upstream and downstream transmissions. The monitoring of quality of signals in all 247 channels as well as keeping track of transmissions on bi-directional channels makes the DMT system much more complex than the CAP system, however, it offer tremendous amount of flexibility on lines which differ greatly in signal quality (Morreale and Terplán).


Both DMT and CAP systems use a similar method to separate voice conversation from data traffic. Each user of the ADSL service is provided with a filter that is required to be plugged into the ADSL socket. This filter is actually a low-pass filter which blocks all frequencies above 4 KHz band, which is used for transmitting voice traffic, preventing the data signals from interfering with the standard telephone calls.

Equipment Used for ADSL Connectivity

An ADSL connection uses two devices, one of which is placed at the user end while the other one resides at the premises of the ADSL service provider.  The equipment placed at the user end is called DSL transceiver or a DSL Modem and may also be used to provide other services. It provides connectivity between the ADLS service provider equipment and the user computer through a number of interfaces, which include USB and 10 Base-T interfaces. This device can also be used in combination with a router, to enable the sharing of a single connection among multiple users (Franklin).

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