Sample Term Paper

Philip Roth in his novel ‘The Ghost Writer’ portrays the characters of the two artists in a way that they are set on comparison in order to emphasize the fact that although artists are born but they acquire substantial influence from the society, family, religion and values in the society, therefore the lives of the two very different artists, Zuckerman and Lonoff, are representative of the conflicts faced by the authors.

It is about the lives of the authors, Nathan Zuckerman and E. I. Lonoff, and their commitment to their subjects and profession and the condition of the Jews in the United States of America. In the novel Roth has shown the quest of ‘spiritual and aesthetical father’ (O’Donnell) and it examines the responsibility as a Jewish writer and a son’s fidelity to his father amid the constant war between life and literature, artistic boldness traditional values with their demands on an author. The writers are burdened with unbearable responsibilities and demands which in most of the cases they fail to fulfill. Philip Milton Roth, an American novelist, got a Pulitzer Prize for his novel ‘American Pastoral’ in which he introduced his character Nathan Zuckerman who appeared in many of Roth’s novels. Roth has been appreciated by many critics who regard him as an intellectually adventurous writer (Brauner)(Lee). The story revolves around the issues of identity and duty of a writer towards his family, truth and to his own self. The novel concerns about the problems of originality faced by a writer and ‘forces us to reflect upon the act of writing’ as an ‘embodiment of selfhood’ or as a place where the self is lost under the garb of the words (O’Donnell).

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