Sample Term Paper

The excessive bombardment of images of perfect women and beauty queens to women has led to an era of excessive aspirations. Ever since the advent of anesthesia in the later decades of the 20th century, voluntary surgery has become a reality and there has been a new surge in the number of people opting to change their appearances in order to look like their ideals. Aesthetic surgery is the route dissatisfied women (and in some cases, men) tend to take when opting for alterations in their nose, lips, eyes, or any other body part that may keep them from meeting their pre-requisites about beauty.

The process of nose reconstruction has taken a fresh wave of eager women in its grip and countries like South Korea, Brazil, and Israel have joined the originally thriving Indian aesthetic culture in its ventures regarding “eyelid restructuring, buttock lifts and tummy tucks” (Gilman, 1999). Argentina has emerged as the leader in the frequency of silicone implants becoming the highest provider of such aesthetic procedures.

This frenzy regarding aesthetic beauty has gripped the globe in its paws simply because of the ever increasing demand to look beautiful or at the least aesthetically pleasing to others. Such procedures have formed a culture of their own as Gilman relays; a nose job while originally a way to help patients with breathing problems is now served as a sweet-sixteen birthday present (1999). Procedures such as the removal of male breasts and excess fat from one’s thighs all help enable those who undergo it become acceptable members of the society, serving to promote the stigma that has become central to the media-centric world of today (Gilman, 1999).

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