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The maiden A380 Airbus was officially exposed in a bountiful formal procedure incorporating 5000 invitations. The guests of the evening included the French, German, British and Spanish presidents and their respective prime ministers, on behalf of the nations that put in a great deal of investments in the decade lasting, multibillionaire aircraft curriculum, and the chief executives of the 14 soon to be using A380 purchasers, who had given the assured orders for 149 airplanes up till now (Frawley, 2009).

The non-sequential A380 title was chosen as the ‘8’ depicts the cross section of the dual decks featured in the colossal aircraft. The maiden flight was scheduled in March 2005, and the entry into profitable services along with Singapore Airlines, is programmed for March 2006.

At a distance from the superlative service providers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, the part for the A380 framework are also put into productions by industrial collaborations in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. The A380 Airbus is as a final point, is pulled together in Toulouse, France with the interior fixture fittings situated in Hamburg, Germany. The most important A380 Airbus’ assemblies are transferred to Toulouse by various ships, barges and means of transportation on road and land (Frawley, 2009).

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