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The Players Championship being a major tournament attracts a lot of attentions from golf lovers not only in the US but also around the world as they get to see some of the best players in the world compete against each other for prize money. Since, one of the major golfing tournaments is also played in Europe, therefore, PGA Tour can also arrange for the Players Championship to cater to the needs of the European golf lovers.

This way the Players championship would not only get an opportunity to go International but it would also allow it to enhance its viewership and recognition while also allowing professional golfers from Europe to compete in the competition more easily.  Currently the Players Championship tournament hold no share in the European market and the amount of sales that it generates from it European viewers and customers is very low. Being a major tournament, the Player Championship is recognized as one of best in the US and all golf lovers in the European continent would love the opportunity to see a competition where they get to see the best players in the world compete(PGA Tour, 2010).. The organization of Players Championship in Europe would also allow professional golfers to see the event themselves and recognize the opportunity that it offers to them, hence it increases Players Championship chances to attract more talent and hence become more competitive and prestigious. Currently, one of the four major tournaments in golf is organized in Europe along with several smaller competitions.

The British Open, which is played in England, presents perhaps the only opportunity for golf lovers in Europe to see many top players compete in a single competition. The Players Championship can provide Europeans golfers and golf lovers with another opportunity to see top golfers. The organization of the Players Championship in Europe would require selection of a golfing venue as well as finances to manage activities of players, spectators and other staff. Europe offers a large number of golf courses which are used in a number of major and minor competitions. A change of playing style adapted to the playing conditions and style of Europe can also be considered. Furthermore, the Players Championship already attracts a number of major sponsors, which it can use to finance its activities in the European Market. The best way to create and firm a market in Europe is to enhance the competition by increasing the number of European players included in the competition at the moment.

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