Sample Term Paper

As we have already stated that the war was fought for around fifteen years and during this time several American administrations changed. The role and influence of America in Vietnam also expanded until the war became an American lead financial conflict. At the early stages American was just a helping hand in the war but with the passage of time they became the most important stakeholder of the whole crisis.

American troops were leading the coalition army and the size of the troops kept on increasing. Besides the land troops a massive air war was also started in order to eradicate the escalating resupply and enforcements of the North Vietnamese division in the South.

Besides America, the South Vietnamese received financial aid from a host of different nations. These included Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, and Australia from where the bulk of the manpower was received bus still the war was predominantly and American aggression shown.

As we have mentioned above that the war divided the American society into bits and pieces and soon after American involvement increased in the region protest and riots exploded around the country.

The implications of these riots and protests were quiet fruitful and soon the American government realized that this conflict seems endless and as a matter of fact they come into negotiations with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese.  The negotiations between both the parties were held in Paris and as talks were going the American combat strategy changed and soon it converted from an offensive battle into a defensive operation. The Americans had to do this as to show good faith and gesture but this strategic change had an adverse effect on the ground. The morale of the troops went low and the on ground situation became worse.

In the early 1970’s another peace agreement was reached, the Americans were badly stuck in this crisis as the war was costing them very heavily. The American congress wanted to get rid of this cancer which was expanding with time. As a matter of fact the logistical aid was gradually pulled away from the South Vietnamese. After this development the North Vietnamese had a good chance of regaining ground and so they did. Many sections of the agreement were overlooked and they overran the remaining areas which were controlled by the South Vietnamese.

The year 1975 proved out to be decisive for this war as Saigon which is the capital of South Vietnamese fell and the accomplishment of the job of North over South was complete.  Soon after that a large number of refugees arrived among which the Americans took many of them.    The war was ended but the wound that were caused by this far can still be found; also the pain and confusion from this misinterpreted war remain till day (Schroeder).

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