Sample Term Paper

If the application is not running at huge autonomous system then a failure of a component could be considered as crucial to the system, this single failure could halt the entire system. But for autonomous system this failure never affects rest of the system.

Its also a design issue that failure of the system should be detected and must be replaced at earliest because it could devoid a system from being able to use all the available sites. In these applications messages are passed just as processes pass messages in single-computer message system. With this feature of message passing very high level functionalities of standalone systems could be introduced in distributed systems. The advantages include companies setting up their businesses by downsizing which means employing networks of workstations or personal computers. In distributed environment user has the access to resources that system provides and this access is provided by data, migration, computation migration or process migration. The distributed system is defined by the collection of processors which doesn’t share memory or the clock. Processors communicate with each other by different communication lines and each processor has its own local memory which can be high speed-buses or telephone lines

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