Sample Term Paper

All the external factors that cause hindrances in the operations of the company and that worsen the position of the company in the industry are called threats. Threats for an organization may be; entry of competitor firms in the industry, competitive strategies of other firms in the industry or development of a new technology by the competitor firm. The main threat in case of Debenhams is the possible loss of market share of the company due to the intense competition in the retail industry in the region where the company operates. The direct competitor of the company is Marks & Spencer which also operates retail stores and shelves clothing lines.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced scorecard is an analytical tool used by the management of an organization to keep track of the work being executed by the organization and the consequences of that work. Using the balanced scorecard, an organization identifies a small number of financial and non-financial measures and assigns certain targets to such measures. The management of the organization then reviews the targets and determines whether the performance of the organization has been in accordance with the expectations. Balanced scorecard is one of the best tools used by the management to classify areas of the business that require special consideration.

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