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As the audiophiles would quickly point out, hidden tracks are the artist’s way of differentiating between the casual listener and the avid fan. Hidden tracks (often referred to as ‘ghost tracks’ or ‘Easter eggs’) are songs on the album that have not been made public and remain unlisted on the cover list regardless of the medium of the recorded album, whether it is a CD, audio cassette or vinyl. These songs are the artist’s way of rewarding the devoted listener and in only a few occasions are a result of an error in the master recording.

They may be found at the end of tracks after a long silence or as separate unlisted tracks on their own. Much of the fun for fans of bands was unearthing one of these titles so they could brag about it later. In the days of vinyl, tracks could easily be hidden into a separate groove in the record. Noticeable examples of those are Monty Python’s Matching Tie and Handkerchief, Tool’s Opiate.

These days, hiding tracks on CDs at the end of the last track after a long a silence (such as Nirvana’s Endless, Nameless) or may be comprised within the album as part of another track (Affliction by AFI in the album December Underground, Better man by Oasis). The track may also be hidden behind the very first listed track, so that the CD must be made to play the first track and rewound manually to locate the hidden track. This is a rare method to place a hidden track on a CD and is probably the most effective way to hide a track as it necessitates human intervention for the location of the track. These tracks are often referred to as track 0 songs. Another more popular technique used by various artists is to put the intended song after many tracks of complete silence, so that the track numbers reach as far as in the 60s or late 20s, such as what was done in Bowling for Soup’s album Drunk Enough to Dance, track no. 28 called Belgium.

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