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Sample Alcohol Addict Paper

Unless the patient can be motivated to continue with therapy and counseling sessions, any detoxification treatment that is undergone is futile as more often than not there will be a relapse. Therefore any treatment plan that aims at long term results must focus on multiple factors such as work rehabilitation, relationship counseling, health care to prevent or treat any complications from alcohol abuse.  A combined approach will always be best for the patient.

Primary interventions would thus include taxes and duties levied on alcohol as well as laws against underage consumption. They also include community programs that advise youngsters on alternate means of entertainment and how to resist peer pressure. Secondary interventions would include the zero tolerance laws as they limit consumption and prevent complications from overdose. They would also include any screening which physicians might do on an individual basis on high risk patients to look out for development of disease.  Tertiary interventions include detoxification programs, medical therapy, and rehabilitation.

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