Sample Term Paper

Entrepreneurs should encompass TBL in their business strategies as it can prove to be useful in instance when the ecological value of the place is as important as its produce. For example, a business based on farming, if being conducted on a piece of land known for its natural beauty should be very careful when altering the landscape for its use, as well as pollution and waste.

This will not only benefit the people of the place who were relying on tourism for their daily income but also the business as it can utilize the flow of people to increase awareness about its produce. Also, utilizing biofuels rather than fossil fuels not only reduces carbon emissions out reduces the dependency on foreign oils and creates jobs locally. As ‘green entrepreneurship’ is a concept increasingly popular with upcoming and socially responsible companies, new businesses should also keep this aspect in mind to be able to compete with these and gain acceptance with aware and responsible consumers.

Green product strategy is employed more than ever in advertising and promoting products as the green revolution becomes ever more popular. Several companies consider this as a good marketing strategy even though their products might not really be ‘green’. Thus the popularity of such campaigns is controversial and debated. There is evidence that this strategy fails if used as the primary tool to sell a product. Also, a survey found that a high proportion of consumers do not believe that green products measure up to conventional ones with respect to performance.

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