Sample Term Paper

The peripheral and the central route both are related to persuasion. Both of these concepts deal with how the consumer processes the information in the advertisement. The central route is a more direct route which involves cognitive thinking, careful consideration and evaluation of the information presented. On the other hand the peripheral route is a more outer route; it does not require much thought and allows making quick decisions (Briggs, 2007).

While marketing food products both the routes could use depending on the context, time and situation. It all depends on what the individual is going through that time. Now a day individuals are very much concern about their health. They are interested to know what they are going to eat, about the ingredients, the process through which that product has reached them, company’s image etc.

WATTage is a term that is often used in this regard “Willingness and Ability to think”. This means whether the customer is interested to put some thinking about that product. This depends on the need the customer have of that product.

When marketing a food product generally people would be interested to know about the product they are going to purchase because it would be directly related to their health. So as far as food products are concerned the central route would be more suitable considering the general concern people have about their health now a days.

On the contrary it also deals with the consumer behavior, means if there are five products lined up in a shelf of a supermarket the customer might think they all taste the same to me, so I’ll buy the cheapest, here the decision is done on the basis of price not health.  No one route could be identified as the most effective route for marketing food products. There are many external factors that have an impact on the individual’s buying behaviors; these factors range from price, need, availability etc.

The parameters and circumstances in which the individual is buying the product are also very important. For example in need of a life saving drug that the doctor has prescribed the customer would not consider the price of the drug, the only thing at that time which is important for the customer is the accessibility of that drug.

To conclude we can say that the central route is more likely to be used in the food marketing because it has strong significance for the customer. As food products are directly related to the health of customer it is more likely that details of the product should be mentioned while marketing the product.

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