Sample Term Paper

To understand the phrase, a few essential concepts need to be discussed. First, we need two parties – an authority and then something that the authority is in charge of, like a group of people. Let us assume that the people have to make a decision that will affect all of them. The authority need not be a separate body; it could be part of the people themselves.

What is necessary is that the people have to make the decision; someone has to force them to if need be. Now let us assume that one of the decisions that the people can make involves them having to make a few sacrifices for now, but later the results of this decision will invariably be better than those of any other – the people will benefit much more substantially and in a more long-lasting manner. Such a benefit is the ‘greater good’. The ‘greater good’ is the overall well-being of the people; it is of paramount importance to the whole group. Thus this decision will said to have been made ‘for the greater good’.

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