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For centuries, children have turned to the bosom of the family for protection from harm, the nursing of ills, and emotional support. Today, families risk litigation if they protect themselves instead of call the police. So where can a person turn, tough, for an emotional haven? In today’s increasingly impersonal society, the family remains the primary source of physical and emotional well-being. Parental behavior may make an important contribution in the personality and character building of an individual. In one study, it was observed that emphatic concern for others at age thirty-one was greater for those subjects whose family life at age five was characterized by high scores on four factors: father’s involvement in child care; mother tolerance of the child’s dependent behavior; her inhibition of the child’s aggression; and her satisfaction with the maternal role.

Children are the greatest and the most precious blessing that one can have, but when it comes to their training issues there are many questions, queries and training hurdles that come in parent’s way. Some of these obstacles that parents are confronted with especially during the early years of life training are due to the inadequate knowledge that they have about Child Psychology. They fail to understand the needs and requirements of their children at different time periods as a result of which they lose the title of the best parent that they have always yearned assiduously for. (Batler & Tamis, 2006)

A major question that can be raised here is the need for addressing this issue of child psychology, the issue of profound significance because children like other human beings belong to a particular and diverse cultural and social background and the psychology of a child is molded according to the environment that he or she has been a part of.

It is important to mention here that it is at the parental front where the initiative for understanding the psychology of child has to take place. Most of the parents in feedback to most of the situations or acts performed by their child, reach in a way as their parents did. Almost all parents after scolding or beating their child feel terribly uneasy and guilty and do realize that they should have abstained from committing the act that they did, they even promise their child that such actions will not be repeated in future, but such an action is yet again repeated as they do not knowledge about the alternative and better ways through which the issue can be resolved.

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