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Term Paper: Vision and Mission of Nestle | Term Paper Queen

Sample Term Paper

Discuss the Vision and Mission of Nestle and the fundamental principles that guide the company’s strategy.

Fundamental principles:

Nestlé’s market strategy changes with the dynamics of the situation, the basic principles have not changed from the time of its origin. The fundamental principle deals with the ideas of fairness, honesty and concern for people.

1.      Long term value:

To manufacture and market the products in such a way which maintains a long term relationship with its customers. In such a way it can create a sustained value for its shareholders, employees, consumers, and other business partners.

2.      Business development:

Long term developments programs are always a top priority at nestle, even at the expense of short term profit.

3.      Consumers:

Consumers are top priority at nestle as they place their trust in its brands. Consumer satisfaction is at high stake because without consumers the company would not exist.

4.      Social responsibility:

Nestle pays additional attention to social responsibility, guidance to staff is provided in order to meet the highest standards.

5.      Recruitment & Selection:

Nestle believes that people are their most important asset for the simple reason that other assets could be copied or replicated and human capital is one asset that could not be copied. The profitability of an organization depends on the people itself therefore recruitment of the right people and on the job training are crucial aspects at Nestle.

6.      Abiding laws:

Nestle follows and respects all the local laws of that particular region in which they are operating.

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